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Ayurvedic Blend | Shanti - Peace within 

Sweet with cooling undertones of fennel, orange and mint.


Ingredients: 100% Organic Holy Basil ‘Tulsi’ leaves, 100% Organic Fennel Seeds, 100% Organic Dried Orange Peel and 100% Organic Spearmint.


DIrections:Take 1-2 TSP of loose leaf tea and place into a strainer ball or an empty tea bag and steep in boiling hot water, stirring after 3-7 minutes. Add honey to taste.


Shanti meaning ‘peace within’, is a blend inspired by the Ayurvedic tradition in which peace of mind goes hand in hand with overall health and wellness. Our Shanti tea combines Tulsi leaves with Indian spices and is sure to bring peace into your day. Sometimes called an “elixir of life,” Tulsi contains many phytochemicals, which function to protect the plant from bacteria, viruses, and fungi. Tulsi is also considered an adaptogen.


Be Mindful:

Tea can taste bitter if steeped too long, 10-15 minutes max. 


Ayurvedic Blend | Shanti - Peace within

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